Contact Number
1(888) 294-HANS (4267)

Concordia Club

429 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, 519-745-5617


Tickets are only available through the Concordia Club at this time. Call 519-745-5617 for ticket info.

The Concordia Club is the largest ethnic German Club in Canada. The entertainment and food during the festival, as well as the rest of the year, is as unique and diverse as is the heritage of the Concordia Club. 

There are 18 social activity groups who call the club "their home," such as a Choir, Ballroom Dancing, Skat, Soccer, Ice Curling, Beach Volleyball, Mardi Gras and so on. Hospitality plays a major role in the clubs' activities throughout the year with Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest being the absolute highlight of all cultural events. With the addition of a large tent the club can accommodate almost 4,000 guests joining the best party in town. The Schenke (Tavern) offers up great German fare six days a week, all year round!

Dress: clean & casual and Bavarian Tracht, of course.